La Quinta – Living Modern 2.0

Item No

LQ-LM-60-SW (varies by project)


60"W x 21"D x 33 5/8"H

Base structure

- 4 Birch Wood 3" straight leg with 4" H stainless steel cap
- Square sink off center
- 3 separate cubbies built in
- Cubby furthest from the toilet will have the sink p-strap & hair dryer
- Cubby cloest to the toilet will have the toilete paper holder mounted underside
- Middle section for towel divider
- Left and right configuration TBD per room

Base finish

Stained to match Wilsonart Skyline Walnut

Top material

Simply White Quartz

Top thickness

3/4" (2cm)

Sink type

Porcelain, undermount, rectangular

Sink size

20"W x 14.75D"